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Structured Training Can Improve the Odds of Winning the Spelling Bee Contest.
Get the Most Advanced Spelling Bee Training System
Spelling Bee Ninja evolves every child or student into a spelling bee master.
Spelling Bee Ninja is embedded with advanced tools and official tests that drastically improves anyone’s spelling performance.

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5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Spelling Bee Ninja

1. Completely Online Training System

For Training Your Child Anytime, Anywhere!

2. Spelling Bee Search Engine

For Adding Hard Words to Spell Training Lists.

3. Realistic Spelling Tests

As per Grade & Difficulty Level

4. Dedicated Error List

To Revise & Improve your Spelling Skills.

5. Detailed Spelling Report Card

With Score, Mistakes, Time Taken, Percentage & School/world Rankings.

Train Your Child for a Lifetime with Spelling Bee Ninja’s Inclusive Training System

Spelling Bee Ninja does not train for a single contest, but it also prepares a child for inclusive learning with spelling insights related to every word and an in-built pronunciation engine. So, your child never has to mug up incomprehensible words, ever again.

  • Spelling Improvement is a Cakewalk with Self-Improving Spelling Bee Algorithm

    Spelling Bee Ninja learns from your usage patterns and performance results.
    This allows the system to create a personalized learning path for every student based on his aptitude.

  • The in-built spelling database consists of all the information related to difficulty and repetitive mistakes that allows teachers and parents to identify mistake patterns for improved learning.

    The algorithm is aware of thousands of words that are categorized as per school grade and difficulty. Also, you can create custom lists with import feature and specialized spelling search engine.

  • Enjoy Realistic Spelling Bee Test Experience with Text-to-speech Capabilities

    Spelling Bee Ninja is designed to simulate official spelling bee tests. Get a chance to experience close-to-reality spelling bee competitions with text-to-speech conversion, verbal announcement of every word and instant accuracy check.

  • Insightful Result Analysis with Detailed Score Cards & Error Lists

    Evaluate your performance with detailed report card consisting of percentage score, mistakes, misspelled words and automatic error lists. Error list contains all the misspelled words which can be used by children for practice.
    This ensures that your child never makes the same mistake ever again.

Get Ready for a Winning Streak with Spelling Bee Ninja The Best Spelling Bee Trainer Available Online

Spelling Bee Ninja is an advanced online spelling bee trainer for your kid with all the right tools to turn him/her into a spelling master.
Tired of training him manually?
With Spelling Bee Ninja, you will never have to worry about spelling training ever again.
The automated system allows you to add multiple kids to an online module and conduct online tests based on their learning level and grades.
What’s more, check the world rankings on the system and gear up your child to make him/her at par with global counterparts.

  • Official Spelling Tests That Can Be Taken Unlimited Times
  • Custom spelling tests powered by user created word lists
  • Create Your Own Spelling Word List
  • Import Words from Any Online Text or Pre-Existing Lists
  • Embed Your Spelling Lists to Your Website
  • Find Detailed Information about Any Word with Spelling Search Engine
  • Pronunciation Engine for Listing Every Word
  • In-built Spelling Database with Difficulty Information for Every Word
  • Detailed Report Card with Performance Insights
  • Dedicated Error List for Misspelled Words
  • Create your Own Study List for Focused Preparation
  • Achievement Certificates for Top Performers
  • Spelling Bee World Rankings for Official Test Scores
  • Multiple Account Types: Student, Teacher, Classroom & Family Accounts

Affordable Prices

We cut our prices to allow every student to be a serious competitor.
When buying a Spelling Bee Ninja license, you get the right to access to our priority support. We will be glad to help you to better organize your study plan, any technical issue or Spelling Bee question, contact us anytime using our form.
You get login credentials instantly after purchase. This means you don’t have to wait for hours to write your spelling bee success story!

  • Family

    Multiple students from the same acount

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    • Custom Spelling Tests
    • Spelling Lists
    • Error Tracking
    • Word Import
    • Multiple Students
    • Invited Students
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  • Classroom

    For Teachers and Educators

    $ 19.99
    • Spelling Tests
    • Custom Spelling Tests
    • Spelling Lists
    • Error Tracking
    • Word Import
    • Multiple Students
    • Invited Students
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You can access to Spelling Bee Ninja from any computer or tablet.

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